1. Tenille Arts
Somebody Like That

Played at 6:16 pm

Somebody Like That by Tenille Arts $0.99 on iTunes

2. Carrie Underwood
Drinking Alone

Played at 6:07 pm

Drinking Alone by Carrie Underwood $1.29 on iTunes

3. Chad Brownlee
Money On You

Played at 6:04 pm

Money On You by Chad Brownlee $1.29 on iTunes

4. Justin Moore
Why We Drink

Played at 6:00 pm

Why We Drink by Justin Moore $1.29 on iTunes

5. Washboard Union
Country Thunder

Played at 5:57 pm

Country Thunder by The Washboard Union $1.29 on iTunes

6. Miranda Lambert

Played at 5:49 pm

Bluebird by Miranda Lambert $1.29 on iTunes