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In the country music world it seems cows are the hot Christmas present for 2020. Jon Pardi's wife, Summer, has asked for a highland cow for Christmas. Jon may not be looking forward to all the other things he has to build on their farm to make it happen but he said he was going to look at one this week with the intention of getting it. Now, we learn that Carrie Underwood has asked for cows for Christmas as well. And based on a video that Mike Fisher posted this week it looks as though she'll be getting two of them. With Carrie being a vegetarian we can assume that those two cows will have a long life on their farm.

Riley Green went back to his alma mater, Jacksonville State University, recently. No big deal. He went back because they named the athletic centre after him. Riley played college football there. He's helped to raise money for the centre as well. He gave a socially distance concert while back there.

Brad Paisley is adding the job "Narrator' to the list of things he does. If you're looking to get into the Christmas spirit and want a few laughs at the same time you'll want to check this out. He's narrating The Elf on the Shelf's Night Before Christmas Storytime on the elf's official YouTube Channel. 



Jon Pardi and his wife Summer were married a couple of weeks back. Now that the ceremoney is done with it's time for Jon to focus on what he'll get his wife for Christmas. Apparently, she has told him what she wants. It's important to point out that Jon and Summer work the farm they live on. Anyway, Summer wants a highland cow. So, Jon is going to be checking out a said cow in the next few days. He says the issue for him is that you just don't buy a cow. You have to build a pen, build a shed for him, run water and the list goes on. Including buying the cow a buddy like a donkey. Jon says personally he'd like a goat. Sounds like he's buying the cow for Summer.

When an artist hits it big it can be tough to not let your ego get out of control. To say Luke Combs has become a major country star would be an understatement. Somehow, he's managed to be the same person he was before all the success. So, what does he attribute that to? Luke says without a doubt it's because he has the same friends he had before he became a major star. He says they are the sole reason he has remained himself becasue they are the people he surrounds himself with. Luke says, "That's the way it should be, at least in my opinion."

If you are a fan of "Game  of Thrones" you may know that Chris Stapleton played a 'White Walker' last year. Very cool. How did he get the gig? Apparently, he just asked if he could be on the show. Is there any other show or movie that Chris would like to be in. He says he's checked many things off his bucket list over the years. He says somehow he hasn't asked to be in any "Star Wars" projects. Chris says he may see if he can score that.

Chris Young is a big fan of Bill Murray. How big? As an example he says he has watched the original "Ghostbusters" over 100 times. So, imagine getting to play golf with Bill. That's exactly what happened to Chris. He says it was pretty surreal. Chris says at one point he found himself looking around thinking, "Is this real life? What's happening right now?" That would be pretty cool not to mention a lot of laughs.

Hardy has had a lot of success over the years as a songwriter and now a recording artist. He's had a hand in writing songs such as Blake Shelton's 'God's Country' and 'Simple' by FGL. Now, he's had his own hit songs such as 'One Beer'. Hardy says that success is just a little hard to process. He says when you start out you have goals as an artist but then to look back and realize you've reached some of those goals is pretty unbelievable.

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