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Former Florida Georgia Line members Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard are talking about why they broke up in 2021. They recently stopped by the Bussin' With the Boys podcast separately to shed some light on what happened. Tyler appeared first and when Brian heard the interview, he wanted to give his side of the story. 

Tyler said the breakdown started when Brian came to him and told him he wanted to explore a solo career. "We were just getting out of our first deal," he shares. "We were kind of in a sweet spot we'd worked for 10 years to get to and I'm like 'Bro, why don't we just ride this thing out for five more years, ten more years and then we can do the solo thing.'" Brian says they had started having conversations about doing solo projects in 2016.

Many people were speculating that the split happened because of their political differences. "I've read a lot and people have said it was political, but really the public issues started, I believe it was right after the election in 2020," Brian explains. "He and his wife had unfollowed us and I'm not exaggerating, he got on - you can go look up the videos - but he said, 'BK's posting some stuff, some political stuff, and I didn't want to see it.'"

There was also a miscommunication about when they would release solo projects. Brian said the initial conversation began in September 2020, with the understanding that any efforts to go solo would be kept under wraps until their fifth studio album dropped in February 2021. In January 2021, Tyler released a collaboration with Tim McGraw called "Undivided."

They both attended therapy together in an effort to keep FGL going. "There were definitely some weeks of healing. We had talks with therapists and life coaches and we've kind of sussed it all out," Tyler shared. "It was just a bit of a grind to try to find a place that we can meet in the middle and understand each other, but it just never got to that place," Brian admits. 

It doesn't sound like they have 100% ruled out a reunion. "It's really hard to say," Tyler says. "I'll never say never, but a lot of stuff would have to change to be honest. A lot of dynamics would have to - there'd have to be some real long open conversations and some healing would have to be done, for sure, before that would ever happen." "You never know, man," Brian says. "I mean, look at the Eagles. There's lots of groups that have gone through way worse things than we have. At the height of everything, it never was really terrible, just seeing things different." The duo last performed together in 2022.

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